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Kentucky Basketball 2015 Calendar by Season Never Ends

Making 2016

We've got it all figured out!

John Spalding

Michele and I figured out what each month on the calendar should roughly be about.

This is just a draft and will change. Depends on the photos we can find, player authorizations, etc.

January- Conference Season 
Subject: Vandy - Ten memorable moments against Vandy

February- Conference Season
Subject: LSU - Five or ten amazing games vs LSU

March- Championship Season
Subject: TBA - We know it's going to have a famous moment, just no idea what game it will be, or if we'll have a "best games" list again. We did it for 2015, but should we repeat?

April- Final Four Season
Subject: Probably feature the 2015 team holding their Final Four trophy. It's a little painful at this point to think about, but time heals all wounds.

May- Graduation Season
Subject: Would be great to feature Poythress getting his diploma in Rupp this past May. Oh, but we can't feature him, he'll still have eligibility when the calendar comes out. So, perhaps Kelenna Azubuike or that famous Jon hood/ polson Grad pic with Cal.

June- Draft Season 
Subject: UK at the NBA draft. This will be tough as it is hard to get ahold of the NBA Cats, but we'll make an honest go to show a picture in the green room from a past draft.

July- Pickup Season
Subject: Summertime workouts at the Craft Center or Seaton Center. This is where UK summer legends are made. Last year they were hard to find. We ended up featuring Kentucky Sports Radio's Summer Tour, and that filled the bill nicely.

August- Who wore it better? or "Block Party" or "Hall of Famers or the Twitter page
Subject: TBA

September- Pre-Season
Subject: Cawood Ledford. We've got a great idea on how to pay tribute to him. It'll be cool

October: Madness Season
Subject: Michele suggested a photo from the 1982 Midnight Special (UK's first practice). We gotta find a photo from that time.

November: Rivalry Season
Subject: Another great Michele idea, since UK is playing Duke, we should feature the top ten moments vs ACC teams

December: Louisville Season
Subject: Louisville will always be featured the month of December. It's just too juicy. The trick is... doing it differently than before.